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Monday, June 3, 2013

Bamboo Forest 3D Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper brings a scene of serene bamboo forest to your Android devices. Wind runs in the top of bamboo trees and gently sways ground vegetation. Occasional butterflies fly through warm sun rays, casting flickering shadows on the ground. The view rotates reacting to your gestures and home screen changes, revealing the different angles of beautiful forest.
In full version you can customize a whole lot of objects in live wallpaper, like  ground and grass, color of bamboo plants, butterflies or fireflies, path and railings, stone lanterns, falling leaves, sun rays, dust particles etc. Free version has less customization options.

Full version Free version
Android app on Google Play Android app on Google Play


  1. Hi, very nice work!
    Please can you give us a short overview of how did you do it?

    1. Yes we can make another article on how we've implemented this live wallpaper. It uses some interesting vertex shaders for animation of vegetation.
      Thank you for your interest :)

  2. That would be great!
    So far your implementations are the most interesting ones that use OpenGL ES 2.0 natively, without using any of the various engines.
    To be honest I would very much like you to share your Geometry Loading tool, again because it is entirely based on OpenGL ES 2.0 natively.

    Please continue the great work and continue sharing your insights!