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Cartoon Village 3D Live Wallpaper

Bring yourself to the streets of cartoon village through the homescreen of your Android device! This live wallpaper depicts fully 3D scene of small cartoon village with peaceful workers and farmers. In full version you can change time day (with option to follow current time of day), but free app has all other eye-candies, like people walking the streets and butterflies.
As always, both apps also work in Daydream mode for Android 4.2 or higher.

Bitcoins 3D Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper sprinkles your device’s homescreen with plenty of shiny Bitcoins. The view is fully 3D, and camera moves reacting to your finger gestures and screen changes.
Download app from Google Play.

Potus 3012 3D Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper shows oldskool wireframe terrain, with the feeling of 80's sci-fi movies.
In free version you can customize animation speed, terrain height and special effects. Full version of live wallpaper allows you to choose color scheme of scene.
Artwork for this app is based on original video potus 3012 by beeple. Visit to see more work of Mike Winkelmann.

Shattered Glass 3D Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper represents a congestion of broken glass shards suspended in the void. Glass particles slowly spin and follow your finger gestures and home screen changes.
Link to Google Play.

Bamboo Forest 3D Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper brings a scene of serene bamboo forest to your Android devices. Wind runs in the top of bamboo trees and gently sways ground vegetation. Occasional butterflies fly through warm sun rays, casting flickering shadows on the ground. The view rotates reacting to your gestures and home screen changes, revealing the different angles of beautiful forest.
In full version you can customize a whole lot of objects in live wallpaper, like  ground and grass, color of bamboo plants, butterflies or fireflies, path and railings, stone lanterns, falling leaves, sun rays, dust particles etc. Free version has less customization options.

3D Car Live Wallpaper

With 3D Car Live Wallpaper you can feel a freedom of driving a highway in a legendary sports car. Mostly straight road slightly twists between hills, and you can watch as car passes by trees and bushes. There are plenty of customization options: car color, rims color, camera rotation settings. You can change even license plate number of a car to any custom text.
Free version has one car and one landscape type, and full live wallpaper offers more great cars and landscapes for any season with weather effects.

3D Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper

All Android fans will be glad to watch a symbol of the latest Android version on home screens of their phones and tablets. As usual, this live wallpaper is in full 3D. And it is not only adorably cute but also very useful - it shows battery level of your device. The lower the battery level is the less jelly beans are in Android jar.
This live wallpaper is absolutely free. You can watch a video of 3D Jelly Bean live wallpaper on YouTube and download it from Google Play.

3D Lotus Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper will bring you to beautiful and calming lotus pond. Such ponds are always associated with relaxation, rest and calmness. It depicts the scenery of soothing, calming water surface covered with lotus plants and their blooming flowers. Koi fish peacefully swims beneath green lotus leaves, and air is full of life and movement of fussy dragonflies and butterflies.
This live wallpaper has full day-night cycle change; users can choose between different times of day or let the wallpaper follow current time of day. Also, you can customize flowers colors, duckweed and insects.
As usual, it comes in two versions: full version with all customization options and more basic free version.

3D Tulip Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper presents you a view of tulip flower surrounded by neighbors in the field. The flowers gracefully sway on the wind and the view slowly rotates giving you a fully 3D overview of the scene. Live wallpaper reacts to gestures, rotating the scene in the direction of your swipes and homepage changes.
Full version of live wallpaper offers you a choice of 8 flower colors, including two-colored ones. Free version is limited to one color, it has only wind configuration.

Lantern Festival 3D

Lantern Festival 3D brings typical Chinese scene to home screen of your phone. Full moon in calm summer night spreads its gentle light over this serene landscape. Water reflects trees which are covered by dense fog coming down from ancient mountains and further to the river, hiding fisherman's boats resting on waves. Lanterns with flickering flames of candles inside them are left adrift and slowly float down the river. And people in castle are celebrating holiday by launching floating lanterns up to the sky. As usual application comes in two versions: full with all options available and free with somewhat limited customization possibilities.

3D Melting Candle

3D Melting Candle live wallpaper brings antique table to your home screen. Enjoy the serenity of this evening scene. Flickering light of candle casts shadows from all object on the table. The candle melts according to battery level of your device. You can customize this wallpaper the way you want. You can disable certain objects, and change the look of almost all things, from large book and quill to small coins scattered around the candle holder.
Free version doesn't have all objects you will see in full version, and doesn't provide a lot of options to customize the look of wallpaper, but it still have the melting candle to check your battery level.
You can watch a brief overview of this live wallpaper on YouTube:

Halloween Pumpkin Live Wallpaper

For you to decorate your home screen with something special on Halloween we've made a Halloween Pumpkin live wallpaper. Now you can enjoy the spooky atmosphere of Halloween night with every look at your cell phone. A must-have for Halloween celebration Jack-o'-lantern blinks its eyes in dark cemetery. Flames of a pair of candles create dim flickering light around it to fulfill this scary autumn scene. The pumpkin has a variety of carvings and colors for you to choose from, also you can change the stone pedestal it is placed on, color of candles and ground of graveyard.
Free version doesn't include all the ways to customize your Jack-o'-lantern, you can change only the type of altar.

3D Rose Live Wallpaper

3D Rose Live Wallpaper is a fully 3D live wallpaper depicting rose flower reacting to gestures. You can rotate flower by swiping through your home screens. It will change it's rotation on any change of home screen. Recently updated version of this wallpaper has an option to add a photographic vignette as an extra eye-candy. You can change color of rose and background the way you like.
Free version of wallpaper is somewhat limited in configuration options but still it's good enough to decorate your phone's home screen.
On YouTube you can watch short videos of free and full versions of Rose Live Wallpaper.

Wind Turbines 3D

In Wind Turbines 3D live wallpaper you will find a perfect combination of nature and technology. You can watch shadows casted on the hills by clouds which slowly move in the sky. In this serene landscape wind slowly rotates blades of giant wind turbines. There's a plenty of options to customize live wallpaper. You can pick any scene ranging from lush green grass to snowy arctic landscapes.
Free version of this live wallpaper is fully functional. The difference between it and full version is that it doesn't have variety of scene customization options present in full version, it has only the grassy landscape.

Clock Live Wallpaper 3D

Clock Live Wallpaper 3D is both nice looking and helpful live wallpaper. It brings pocket watch to your phone's background which shows actual time. You won't need any clock widgets on your home screen because your live wallpaper will show time on any screen. Clock slowly rotates with beautiful landscape behind it. It's a full version of wallpaper which has a lot of options to make your clock look accordingly to your preferences.

Christmas Tree 3D Wallpaper

This Christmas-themed wallpaper will bring a little bit of Christmas to your phone.
It depicts a brightly-lit Christmas tree in the center of a small village on a wintry
night. Snow flurries drift down from the sky, creating an atmosphere of holiday
cheer and festivity.

HTC Live Wallpaper 3D

For all fans of HTC phones we've made a HTC Live Wallpaper 3D which displays an Android robot with HTC logo rotating on beautiful nature background. It interacts with swipe gesture you use to switch between home screens, and robot rotates to show both its HTC and Android logos. It's free, and it's a must-have for any user of HTC phone.