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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wind Turbines updated

Today we've updated Wind Turbines live wallpapers. The most important part of this update makes wallpapers work significantly faster, which is especially noticeable on tablets. To bring better performance, this update also reduces app size and memory usage.
Users of Honeycomb tablets will notice better behavior of these wallpapers on their devices. Now wallpapers better react to user's interaction with home screen. As any other wallpaper, it will shift view up or down if you open "Apps" menu or long-tap on home screen to add some widgets.
Free version have got all these new features too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Updates for Wind Turbiunes live wallpapers

Wind Turbines live wallpaper have got a few updates. Full version now have eagles soaring in the sky which adds more serenity to the landscape. Also, both versions now have an option to stop a few wind turbines. This makes the scene more realistic, as usually there are a few turbines that are not rotating in the farm.
And the most recent update which affects both full and free versions improves image quality on devices with Tegra CPUs. Updated live wallpapers now make use of anti-aliasing feature of Tegra with no cost for performance.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Updates for apps in Android Market

We're carefully reading feedback from our customers. Since some of users complained about slow loading times of our live wallpapers we've been looking into this problem. Today we've made update for all latest live wallpapers to improve performance. This update significantly decreases loading time of the following live wallpapers: Halloween PumpkinWind Turbines 3D, and  3D Rose Live Wallpaper. The free versions of these live wallpapers also got performance updates.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin

For you to decorate your home screen with something special on Halloween we've made a Halloween Pumpkin live wallpaper. Now you can enjoy the spooky atmosphere of Halloween night with every look at your cell phone. A must-have for Halloween celebration Jack-o'-lantern blinks it's eyes in dark cemetery. Flames of a pair of candles create dim flickering light around it to fulfill this scary autumn scene. The pumpkin has a variety of carvings and colors for you to choose from, also you can change the stone pedestal it is placed on, color of candles and ground of graveyard.
Free version doesn't include all the ways to customize the scene, you can change only the type of altar for Jack-o'-lantern.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wind Turbines 3D

Today we've released new live wallpaper Wind Turbines 3D. In this live wallpaper you will find a perfect combination of nature and technology. You can watch shadows casted on the hills by clouds which slowly move in the sky. In this serene landscape wind slowly rotates blades of giant wind turbines. There's a plenty of options to customize live wallpaper. You can pick any scene ranging from lush green grass to snowy arctic landscapes.
Free version of this live wallpaper is fully functional. The difference between it and full version is that it doesn't have variety of scene customization options present in full version, it has only the grassy landscape.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Updates and new app in production

Previously released live wallpapers Clock Live Wallpaper 3D, Clock Live Wallpaper Free and HTC Live Wallpaper 3D  were updated to support moving to SD card. Also they've got better preview images which look better and more detailed in live wallpaper selection dialog.

Also we have one more live wallpaper in development. It's theme is both nature and technology combined in one serene scene.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Updates for Rose Live Wallpaper

Last update for full version of Rose Live Wallpaper adds possibility to daily randomize colors for flower and background.  With this new feature your wallpaper won't look the same every day.
Also the latest update for both free and full versions of Rose Live Wallpaper fixes crashes on Android tablets with Tegra 2 CPUs and improves initial loading time.

Links to Android market: free and full versions.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

3D Rose Live Wallpaper

We're proud to announce new live wallpaper. It's 3D Rose Live Wallpaper. As usual, it's a fully 3D live wallpaper depicting rose flower reacting to gestures. You can rotate flower by swiping through your home screens. It will change it's rotation on any change of home screen. Recently updated version of this wallpaper has an option to add a photographic vignette as an extra eye-candy. You can change color of rose and background the way you like.
Free version of wallpaper is somewhat limited in configuration options but still it's good enough to decorate your phone's home screen.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New live wallpaper release

Today we've released a new live wallpaper 3D Rose Live Wallpaper. As usual, it is completely 3D. It depicts a beautiful rose reacting to touching and home screen rotation. It comes in two versions: free without possibility to customize wallpaper and $1 full version with customizable rose color and backgrounds.
This live wallpaper will truly bring live flowers to your phone!
Links: 3D Rose Live Wallpaper Free and full version: 3D Rose Live Wallpaper

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

   Axiomworks has a bunch of live wallpapers to customize your Android phone. These are completely 3D live wallpapers which makes them more interesting and dynamic than usual plain wallpapers.

   Clock Live Wallpaper Free is both nice looking and helpful live wallpaper. It brings pocket watch to your phone's background which shows actual time. You won't need any clock widgets on your home screen because your live wallpaper will show time on any screen. Clock slowly rotates with beautiful landscape behind it. If you like to customize your clock, full version of  Clock Live Wallpaper 3D has a lot of options to make your clock look accordingly to your preferences.

   Christmas-themed Christmas Tree 3D Demo wallpaper will bring a little bit of Christmas to your phone. It depicts a brightly-lit Christmas tree in the center of a small village on a wintry night. Snow flurries drift down from the sky, creating an atmosphere of holiday cheer and festivity. If you like it you can buy a full version of Christmas Tree 3D Wallpaper .

   For all the fans of HTC phones we've made a HTC Live Wallpaper 3D which displays an Android robot with HTC logo rotating on beautiful nature background. It interacts with swipe gesture you use to switch between home screens, and robot rotates to show both its HTC and Android logos. It's free, and it's a must-have for any user of HTC phone.