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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

   Axiomworks has a bunch of live wallpapers to customize your Android phone. These are completely 3D live wallpapers which makes them more interesting and dynamic than usual plain wallpapers.

   Clock Live Wallpaper Free is both nice looking and helpful live wallpaper. It brings pocket watch to your phone's background which shows actual time. You won't need any clock widgets on your home screen because your live wallpaper will show time on any screen. Clock slowly rotates with beautiful landscape behind it. If you like to customize your clock, full version of  Clock Live Wallpaper 3D has a lot of options to make your clock look accordingly to your preferences.

   Christmas-themed Christmas Tree 3D Demo wallpaper will bring a little bit of Christmas to your phone. It depicts a brightly-lit Christmas tree in the center of a small village on a wintry night. Snow flurries drift down from the sky, creating an atmosphere of holiday cheer and festivity. If you like it you can buy a full version of Christmas Tree 3D Wallpaper .

   For all the fans of HTC phones we've made a HTC Live Wallpaper 3D which displays an Android robot with HTC logo rotating on beautiful nature background. It interacts with swipe gesture you use to switch between home screens, and robot rotates to show both its HTC and Android logos. It's free, and it's a must-have for any user of HTC phone.

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