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3D Lotus Live Wallpaper

Today we've released another live wallpaper with nature theme. It is 3D Lotus Live Wallpaper. This live wallpaper will turn home screen of  your device into a peaceful pond with lotus flowers. Gentle wind creates small waves on calm water surface covered in duckweed. Sometimes koi fish can be seen slowly passing by underneath leaves. Butterflies and dragonflies fly around flowers.
Live wallpaper changes lighting according to current time. You can watch as day slowly turns into red dusk and fades away into deep blue night, and in the morning sunrise will slowly turn into daylight again.
As usual it comes in both free and paid versions.

 You can watch a brief video of full version on Youtube:

Full version Free version
Android app on Google Play Android app on Google Play


  1. 請問這是台灣開發作者寫的嗎?


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