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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update of Candle Live Wallpaper

Today we've updated 3D Melting Candle live wallpaper. We've added a new feature - a photo frame. Now you can select any photo from your phone or tablet gallery and put it into the photo frame of live wallpaper. Also, you can customize the shape of photo frame - it can be either rectangular or oval.
For users who wish to make their home screen look more mysteriously we've added a new type of book - a spell book.


  1. I am having trouble installing my own photo. It only occasionally works. This is true for both my Motorola Defy running JB and my HTC running ICS.

    Any ideas?

  2. I too cannot instal my own photo. The App just keeps saying the photo is not suitable. I have tried photos of different sizes (Megapixals) but it makes no difference. I am using an Asus Transformer T201 running Jellybean

    1. Thank you for reporting a bug. Could you please tell us do you use stock Gallery app to pick photo or something else?

    2. Yes I used the stock galley App and I have also used Astro File Manager, both without success.
      Geoff Mortimer

    3. I also cannot use any photos from my gallery, I have tried photos of varying sizes but it simply won't select them. I am not even getting any error message. I have a Sony xperia Z1 compact using android version 4.2.2. Too late for me to get a refund.